Safty Rubber Mat Playground Rubber Tiles on Stock (M11-12401)
  • Model:M11-12401
  • Trademark:Happy Island_Childhood Dream
  • Standard:ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS:2007, CE, GS/TUV, SGS
  • Unit:Square Meter
  • Origin:Guangzhou, China
  • Related / mobile:
  • Productivity:1000 Square Meter/month
  • Max order:over 5000 Square Meter
  • Min order:1
  • LotNumber:20151016012 Rubber Mat
  • Packing:air-bubble bag inside, Shrink film outside
  • TransTime:15 days
  • Transportation:Ocean Transport
  • Payment:product_payment
  • Shipping Port:Shenzhen, China or Guangzhou, China
  • Color:red green blue yellow or customize
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Outdoor Playground Rubber Floor Mats Playground Rubber Tiles on Stock (M11-12401)  China guangzhou manufacturer provides rubber, playground mat, soccer fields epdm mat, suspension assembly water proof mat, children playground safe mat, indoor playground mat, our flooring mat tested and own certificates of UL 94, EN1171, EN1177, it widely exported to American countries, European countries and other countries.

  • Introduction

Outdoor Playground Safty Mat Rubber Floor Mats Playground Rubber Tiles on Stock (M11-12401) 

playground rubber floor mats


Type:Rubber Flooring

Model Number: M11-12401


Dimention: 50*50*1.5cm; 50*50*2.0cm; 50*50*2.5cm; 

50*50*3.0cm; 50*50*3.5cm; 50*50*4.0cm; 50*50*5.0cm; 

Quality:No smell,Non-slip

playground safety tiles

Our Features:                                                                                                             

1. excellent wear resistance: abrasion resistance of less than 2.5%, to meet schools at all levels for a long time, high frequency of use needs. Weather use, not because of pollution ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, etc. fade, long-term to maintain its high standard of quality.

2. flexible with a variety of colors: various colors and soft colors, granular surface, preventing reflection glare light, beautiful and durable, we can according to the customer's needs, using multi-color matching.
3. Anti-corruption: a good electrical insulation and flexibility, the maximum force most frequently used starting point by the meter, will not be spikes or starting frame damage.
4. Maintenance is simple: easy maintenance, laying easy removal, saving management costs.

playfall playground safety tiles


Kindergartens, nurseries, children's playground, sports training courses, parks passage, garden villas and corridors and other places

soft fall rubber playground flooring

Product Details Figure                                                                                                 

Outdoor Playground Rubber Mats For Sale           Kindergarten Playground Rubber Mats For Sale

Safety Kids Playground Rubber Flooring Mat           Cheap kindergarten Rubber Floor For Sale

Product Examples                                                                                                       

High Standard Rubber Mat For Kindergarden


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1980 s: began playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment research & sales, since a small scaled assembling line.
1993: Established the factory, named: Golden Childhood.
1995~1999: Set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, Xian, etc.
2002: Obtained great sales volume in Russia, South Asian countries, etc.
2003: American Happy Island built cooperation agreement, same time, we registered “Happy Island Group” in HK, started running in the name of Happy Island group.
2004: As the Leader of playground trade line, Happy Island researched & formulated, and executed the standard of “combination children playground enterprise product standard”, which was set up “Guangzhou City combination children playground enterprise products standard” by Guangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
2004: Introduced technology of plastic production lines as the 1st enterprise in our line.
2004: Certification of “GS” certified by German.
2004: “National quality, credit demonstration company” Certificate No.:Bp40081987
2005:Passed the conformity certificate of Saudi Arabia(SASO).
2005: Awarded “Quality and Credible Enterprise of China AA”. Certificate No.:CCq-GDGZ-2005-A090.
2006: “Famous Brand and high-quality products of China”. Certificate No.:860575.
2007: Passed”GB/T19001-2000IDTISO9001:2000”. No.: 05407Q135ROS
2008: Awarded “The first brand with great influence in Children Amusement Equipment Market in China”. No.: 2008HYLX029
2008: Awarded “ China 500 Top Brands”. No.: 2008BYLX030.
2009: Awarded “China famous brand”. No.:2009HYLX232
2009: Awarded “China well-known brand”. No.: F0990M452
2009: Awarded “China Amusement & Recreation line product quality notary top ten brands” No.:S040099A22
2009: Awarded “Guangdong Famous Brand”. No.:COBE-GD28-B0247
2009: Awarded: “Guangdong province science & technology innovation, quality management advanced unit”. No.:CHCZ-GD-CX2108.
2010: “Quality, Credit, Service Advanced Unit”. No.:GD2B-CB10662
2010: “Contract & Credit AA Unit”. No.:GD2B-CB10663
2011: Awarded “Guangdong High quality & Famous products”. No.: GD28-CB10986
2011: Passed test and obtained certificate EN1176. No.:TC/11/0518/3256/7630/CN.
2011: Passed CE test and obtained certificate. No.:WSCT11020065E/WSCT11030070S/WSCT11030071S, etc.
2012: Revised ISO9001:2008 No.:07612Q11287ROM
2012: Obtained OHSAS No.:07612Q11287ROM
2012: Our safety rubber cushion series products passed the test and obtained certificate EN1177, No.:TC/12/0117/2988/4523/CN.
2012: Safety rubber mat passed the test and obtained certificate of UL-94. No.:A001E120914010K-2

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